Sour Widow CBD 3g.

Sour Widow CBD 3g.

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Sour Widow CBD er sorten, der skiller sig ud fra alle andre for sit behageligt bittere og stærke aroma. THC og CBD 0,18% 14,05%.

3 gram.



Sour Widow CBD is the variety that stands out from all others for its pleasantly bitter and strong aroma.

Sour Widow CBD , unique aroma and strong

Our Sour Widow CBD occurs in extremely resinous buds, the smell at first glance is pleasantly sour, if you try to open with your fingers peaks releases all the fragrance that makes it different from all others, making it among the most popular. The bud are compact and very large, enough to embarrass our staff assigned to the packaging when you have to close the packets only a few grams of product, an entire top weighs on average 4-5g. The sour note in the aroma is what strikes when handled, is chosen by those who know the best Californian genetic that tend to have a pleasantly sour aroma.

Package content and quality

Sour Widow CBD is available in various formats in practice airtight bag with window. The Sour Widow flowers are perfectly dried and leave a pleasantly bitter flavor. We select only the best flowers, discarding those that do not believe in the highest standards of quality. So it is not only the professional package to maintain high product quality, is above all the content selected by hand.

At 100% legal in Italy

Sour Widow CBD has a THC value is less than 0.2% and therefore respects the Italian law, making it 100% legal. This variety of Hemp Seedless is completely seedless . The cultivation is guaranteed to be free of pesticides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Marialight Sour Widow CBD can not in any way get high, given the almost void of THC present, THC is prohibited. Instead, it is present in much of the CBD, namely the Cannabidiol. The CBD is a metabolite non-psychoactive contained in Cannabis sativa, has no psychoactive effects and has no legal limit in Italy, its effects are relaxing, anticonvulsant, antidistonici, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, promotes sleep and is relaxing against anxiety and panic . However MariaLight is not a medical product or pharmaceutical.

certified Analysis


The analysis of cannabinoids contained in MariaLight Strawberry show that CBD is a legal product that is 100%, the THC content is 0.18% and CBD is 14.05%.


Attention: MariaLight is defined in category "Biomass" and is intended solely for research and development or technical use. Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children. Not for sale to minors under 18 years. By purchasing this product claims to have more than 18 years. Store in a cool, dry place, preferably in the dark. The Hemp Light is not considered drug because it does not contain or contains THC below the legal limit. Always consult a doctor before changing your diet or using any new product. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The sale of industrial hemp flower has a reason to exist because the inflorescence is governed by the law of December 2, 2016 n. 242 (effective January 14, 2017) which sets out provisions for the promotion of cultivation and agro-industrial sector of the Hemp. It is also eslusa by law 309/90 on drugs because the values, certified by the producer, have a THC equal to 0.2% (the legal limit 0.6%) CBD and 14% (does not have the limits of law).
In addition, the law of 2015 decree on medical cannabis, which distinguishes and defines the therapeutic scheduled with the exclusive trade under the protection of pharmacists prior prescription, therefore excludes non therapeutic as these inflorescences that come from industrial hemp cultivation.

Produced by:

Azienda Agricola Sergio Rossi heirs
Via Laurentina 153, Pomezia (RM), 00071
EU Agriculture - Provenance Italy

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